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Karan Singh Associate Analyst, EXL, Noida

Industry360 is so far  the best program offered for industry talent. My company organised a workshop with Industry360 mentors. These guys blew it off to the next level. I was astonished to imagine the usage of basic academic fundamentals in the industry cycle. Data is important but more important is what you can do with the data. The best part was the focus on what not to do with the data. With a lifetime association on the way-forward career journey many of us got the real mentor we were blessed with.

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Amit Kumar Director, Citi, Mumbai

A great informative session on the industry canvas.  I was at their Talk show organised at IIT. Somehow managed to get the entry because it was jam packed due to the Who's Who of the industry. And when it began the mentors brought to our attention the details which we never thought were even worth it. While these kind of  sessions are rare to attend but you get a clear understanding of the industry evolution , the tech space , fintech world , retail chains. I was fully motivated towards my career transformation by the end of it.Industry360 keep up the good work

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Shreya Agarwal Analyst, Amex, Gurgaon

I keep attending seminars and webinars from across the globe. Call it my passion or hobby but you get to learn the best from the experts. It is on this platform when I met the mentors from Industry360 and got to unlearn many things. I wish to highlight that most of the people are not interested in what you know and they dump information without caring . But these mentors asked mostly about us. And it never appeared that it was one sided communication. It was rather a discussion which carried on for hours. Something that came towards the end was the defined navigation for my way forward career journey. What else do you want of mentoring?

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Shivam Singh IT analyst, TCS, Benguluru

Industry360 is the mentored program for every career aspirant. We all need guidance and support throughout our professional journey. I met the mentors from industry360 at a conference organised by the Government for Ed-Tech space. I keep on hearing a lot about Industry360 mentors and it was my first chance to see & hear them in person.  Best program  to learn & do things from the scratch. They dont manage you and they dont train you. Just a small guidance and its all clear, thats the phenomenon. The mentors are highly skilled and experienced. Be it any field that you belong from they know where to spark the light and keep it lighting till the rest of your career which no one usually does. I am joyous to have gems as my mentors for lifetime

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