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26 Personal Productivity tricks to master in 2020

These 26 tips will add a new enthusiasm to your life along with making you active and improving your productivity.

1. Never believe the time isn’t enough for the things you wish to do. Since it’s all about priority once you prioritize your task you’ll start gaining ample time which otherwise was spent procrastinating.

2. Drinking water early in the morning has more benefits than you already know. It’ll help calm your gut and cleanse your body along with making you feel energetic.

3. Make your bed sheets as soon as you wake up to have a productive start for the rest of the day.

4. Use only a few applications and tools, declutter your phone.

5. Take a day off from your phone, laptop, or any other tech. Spend time with nature, It’ll remind you can exist even without the things around you.

6. Mediate every day to find your inner peace and stability.

7. Consume less caffeine before it gets you addictive.

8. Start  Journaling. It’s a highly underrated productivity practice.

9. Paper books are still cooler than other digital books.

10. Make sure your personal and work email are different. 

11. Learn to be a minimalist to be able to focus on more important things to improve productivity.

12. Always keep a portable mobile charger with you while you are outside.

13. Keep a book beside your laptop. It’ll remind you to read instead of just binge watching series or movies.

14. Try walking or cycling to go to places. Productivity is not always about doing things the easy way.

15. Keep a wall calendar hanging in your room. It’ll remind you how time isn’t running as slow as you think.

16. Own your devices, don’t let your devices own you.

17. Start using the “Watch later” button on YouTube. It was created for a reason.

18. Learn a little of something every day. It doubles up your knowledge sooner than you realize.

19. Use your time of working out listening to podcasts or audible.

20. Floss every day.

21. If it feels like you’re wasting time, you probably are. Note it down when you have such a feeling and minimize it.

22. Learn to say NO more often.

23. Realize the importance of eating the right food and exercising daily. Before it’s too late.

24. Laugh and smile more often. But don’t let it look creepy.

25. Use apps like Grammarly, Rescue Time, and Evernote to be increase productivity at work.

26. Learn from both your success and mistakes but don’t let them stop you from working even harder.

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