Importance of creating your own Data Science Curriculum

Data science jobs have shown a significant increase in the 21st century.

Also, the number of degrees, courses, and boot camps has shown rapid growth with each course providing a guarantee to provide all the knowledge you require.

These courses might work for most individuals and also may be qualified enough to teach you a lot but what they still lack is that they are not personalized according to your needs.

With so many resources around it becomes much easier for you to create your personalized curriculum to focus just on the topic you wish to deep dive into and ignore the rest.

So let’s see how to get started with creating your personalized curriculum

Choosing the right Data Science Career Path

Data science is a pond of career opportunities. You can be a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine learning engineer, or Business Analyst depending on your skills and interests.

But first, it’s important to choose what role you fit in and work accordingly.

For example, a Data Analyst requires excellent data analysis and data visualization skills but only the basics of machine learning whereas a Data Scientist requires more extensive knowledge of mathematics and programming.

Therefore it becomes crucial to pre-determine the role of ​​data science that you are more inclined to. Only then you can start building your curriculum.

What Data Science Skills do you already have?

Now once you have chosen a role you need to analyze what topics you are already familiar with since, Data Science has such a vast amount of skills to acquire it might be possible that you are already familiar with some topics due to your educational background or job.

For example, if you are a Software engineer you are already familiar with programming likewise if you from a maths background you already know the basic statistics and probability required for data science so by knowing what you already know you can prioritize the topics to be more focused on while creating your curriculum.

What more skills do you need to acquire?

After you decide your career path and be familiar with what topics you already know you can make a list of what more you need to learn and note them down.

To start with the list first pick up those skills which are mandatory to know in Data Science despite what your role is like the knowledge of python, Machine learning, SQL, and Excel.

These are those skills that need to be at the top of your list if you’re not already familiar with them.

Once you are done with that, the next step is to check out the job descriptions of the job role you wish to acquire and add those skills to your list.

This would give you a clear vision of what you aspire to be. 

Determine your learning style

Not all people have the same speed and ability to learn. Some people are comfortable using visual and auditory aids such as slides and videos, while some might prefer to learn in groups or maybe alone. 

What works personally for me is the Feynman technique which states that the best way to learn something is to learn the concept first and teach it to someone in a manner that even a child of 6th grade could understand.

The technique works perfectly for most people and is proven to do wonders.

You could choose to watch videos of Krish naik and Andrew Ng if you learn more by watching.

For practical hands-on knowledge, you could do a course on Data Quest or Data Camp. For a more deep-dive approach you could enroll in courses by Coursera and to keep you energized you can always read blogs on Medium along with doing cool projects on Kaggle.

Treating yourself right

Once the learning path is set you need to make sure you follow the path and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself with a treat with each successful attempt.

To make sure things go according to the plan it is recommended to create a roadmap to track your progress.

You could also create a skill checklist on google sheets. No matter what tool you use it’s important to stick to the path and complete it.

Here is an infographic of the roadmap which I created that I would recommend it to someone wishing to follow the same path.

It covers all major topics to learn along with the resources and the number of weeks it might take to complete them.

Although it’s also important to keep a checklist of how far you have reached and how confident you are in each skill.

By regularly tracking your progress and celebrating what you achieved you will stay confident and motivated. All the Best.

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