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Challenges faced by Individuals in Corporate to Grow up the Career Ladder

About Myself, I have been working in the corporate world for the last 21 years. I hold a well deserved senior vice president designation as of now.

But that’s not where I began. I started my career as an associate trainee and it got me dedication, willpower, networking, marketing, logic, trust, loyalty, stress management, attitude, and what not to be where I am today.

I report to the President of the organization who sits on a different continent. My reporters are also tenured employees designated with senior positions and sitting across different continents.

I am pleased to be contacted by the team Industry360 to share my overall experience with the community that expects to benefit from this article. With God’s grace, I sit in a good position but that does not let me settle down in my career.

A few people live in the fear of what would happen next while I live in the hope of whatever happens next would bring in a lot of learning.  

Generation gap

It was a different time when I started my career where people were more humble and adjusting than in today’s environment. At our time IT was just picking up with less competition.

We used to be given training on specialization be it Java .Net or mainframe. But when it comes to project allocation we were never asked about the training and the comfort. So is the culture these days.

The methodologies still remain the same; it’s just that the nomenclature has changed. Competition has increased and it should for a better tomorrow.

I am a strong believer in the Survival of fittest-Darwin’s theory. The process these days is more tool based than the earlier ones.

However many still think that it’s hard to measure employees’ performance. This is the thought process of employers. For employees, they think they have been deceived on their appraisals. It’s hard to bridge the gap between the two.


I am here to recite my career journey which should be beneficial for the so-called Millennial and tenured professionals in the corporate.

While many identify that they are not a good fit for the corporate good that they identify, do you have plans other than this is my question to all those.

If we wish to sail keeping your head above water then we indeed follow the lessons from professionals who already reached the shore.

I am trying to compile all the points which I think are important for anyone to grow. These points are solely my own compilations and I may have missed a few in this list which you think might be important.

I am still learning a few things while a lot needs to be learned.


I am trying to list down the points in detail to help you gain insights to level up in the corporate environment. There could be a chance that you are caught in such scenarios and the approach could be of help. Most of the lessons are learned from life and human nature, so it’s mostly the soft skill that matters the most. 


One should be clear in his/her goals and align with the organization vision


You should take the ownership of taking any task to the finish line


One should be ready to bear the brunt for any error


One should always look out to innovate new ideas so that you keep on delivering better


One should always the first in line for anything that comes up


You should always lookout for people who are struggling and assist them with your leadership coaching


One should always reach out and communicate amongst themselves. You should be termed approachable. Being an introvert is fine but not open to listening is a disgrace.  

Be Gentle

Your tone matters a lot be it professional or personal. Make sure you don’t hurt someone, especially the ones who care about you.

Never say No

Learn the art of saying No. It’s hard for anyone above you or below you to take that as an answer. You may feel like you have strength enough to be direct. But if you articulate it in such a manner that it does not feel that bad and serves the purpose.


You should invest in yourself else you are not growing. Promotions, Salary hikes, perks are altogether different stuff but do you carry enough content is what matters at last.


Wherever required to reach out to people and hear their thoughts. It’s nice to have opinions before making a final decision.

Ask for feedback

Reach out to people and hear about your strengths and opportunities. In today’s world, we will always be assessed by others. So please carry out a plan for your betterment.

Take a note of everything

Maintain a diary and keep a note of important discussion assessment dates and meetings with the agenda so that you have it handy when monitored.


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