Guide to make better decisions in life

With too much to achieve it becomes difficult to make better decisions in life. Starting from what to wear today, what to eat today you are basically just making decisions all day.

So it becomes more important to be a better Decision maker.

Making better decisions not only reduces stress but makes you healthier and happier keeping you focused and dedicated to the job you are assigned to.

Lots of choices but less time

Making decisions is not what you need to practice since we do it so constantly as you decided should you wake up or just sleep more, eat vanilla, or a strawberry ice -cream.

But in such simple decisions, there’s nothing more at stake, but when it comes to decisions like should I take the job? , should I marry this girl or some financial decisions then it becomes really essential to be a skilled decision-maker since you might lose a lot in just one bad decision.

We mostly consider ourselves logically capable enough to deal with anything that comes around, but that’s actually not true because there are various factors involved during decision making that stops us from making decisions.

We would not talk about those factors but rather the tricks to make better decisions.

The one biggest factor which leads to poor decisions is the fear of missing out termed as FOMO.

It greatly affects not just an individual but even businesses who constantly fear of not being the best, it’s basically the fear to not be able to choose the best outfit, or eat at the best restaurant and finally ending up either guilty or still not satisfied.

The solution to this problem is changing the mindset and telling yourself that it might not be the best but it’s good enough. In simple terms, it’s all about being satisfied with what you choose and realize that you just need to be good enough and satisfied and nothing more than that.

Act Quickly and act well

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes in making very quick decisions. According to him you just need to have 70% of data to make a decision more than that is not required. Also the quicker decisions you make matters more than making better decisions.

The trick to make quick decisions is to gather just enough data and not the entire data but still, there are other ways as described below:

  • Foreseeing the worst

It basically means that you just have to analyze the worst-case scenario and make decisions based on that

For example, you are learning to drive a car, the worst-case scenario is you could be hit by someone, so you’ll decide to drive on a rather empty lane than on a busy street.

  • Weighing the results

While choosing between two options know what option has a greater impact.

Like if there are two paths one might give you a much more profit than the other path. So you need to consider the impact it creates in the long run then choose what‘s best. 

  • Predicting the next steps

Ever played a game of Chess? Remember how you predict the next move and all other moves after that. That’s exactly what is required in Decision making to predict the future result it can predict for the next week, a few months or even a year depending on the amount of data you have. 

  • Writing it down

It’s always said and it always works. The trick to writing it down. Note down all the pros and cons of your choices until you nail it down to the one perfect choice. It’s the most effective and underrated trick.

  • Making smaller and better decisions

Maybe you are making a decision which is too big for you, like completely shifting to a new country.

In such cases, it’s smart to make small choices first for example before shifting to the country you might just travel there for a few days and see how things work.

  • Including your crowd

Maybe you know what’s the right choice but you are still not confident. That’s where you need to take advice from anyone you trust it can be your team members or family.

That lets you have a new perspective on the decision you wish to make. But be careful not to be too influenced by others that you depend completely upon others.

Be smart and act wisely.

Living in the movement

You cannot control the future but the present is totally in your hands. Every morning ask yourself, are you a better person than yesterday? Are the choices you make help you grow? 

If the answers to these questions are positive you are on the right track. Also being bound to your values and set certain limitations is important before making the right decisions. So it doesn’t harm anybody or lead to being inhumane.

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