How Learning Throughout Career Helps in Uplifting Oneself

“Change is constant in today’s workplace. To keep up, you would have to keep Learning throughout your Career”

As eye-catchy and motivating this phrase seems, it is the reality of human life. Change is actually the only constant if you are not changing with time and adapting to new technologies and new skillset you may lag behind.

You can be a master in some areas but the question is for how long?

Yes, that is something one should ask himself/herself. If you are not upgrading yourself with the fast-paced advancement then it’s pretty soon one can easily lag behind among peers.

Stay confident in the talents and information you wish to acquire now and prepare for the future.

This is all understood by many of us but now the question still persists how can one be learning throughout their life and whole career?

Well, the answer is Planning. When you can see how your learning fits into the larger picture of your life and work—your career path—you’ll be a more motivated, and efficient learner.

Career planning is an ongoing process supported by your skills, experiences, interests, and preferences.

The process can assist you to make better decisions and take positive steps throughout your life.

Identify what you would like to find out during a short period of your time

In the near future, learning can assist you to meet an instantaneous need, like mastering a new computer software or updating a technical skill. Here are some suggestions:

  • Check your most recent performance review, ask your supervisor, or talk with a more experienced coworker about skills that may need upgrading.

  • Think about a typical workday and identify any tasks you’ll be avoiding or battling due to knowledge or skills you don’t have (for example, preparing and giving presentations).

  • If your responsibilities have increased over time, ask yourself if you’ve got the training to be effective in your new tasks (for example, to supervise or train others).

  • Take advantage of any short-term training opportunities your employer or other organizations offer (for example, training to use a new machine).

Make and follow a learning plan

When you’ve analyzed your learning needs and explored your options, create a plan to make sure that you follow through on your intentions.

State your goals, timelines, and resources, then introduce a series of steps to start out on your successful learning experience.

When you recognize the importance of learning during a rapidly changing workplace, you’ll be in a good position to take action.

Whatever, wherever, and however you learn, having goals and an idea will cause you to a happier lifelong learner. Learning for work will assist you to meet, and even enjoy, challenges in your workplace.

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