Skills you only Learn after your First Job

Getting selected for a job is not the last step but the first step to the real world. It brings you out of your comfort zone and teaches you skills you would never learn anywhere else.

You don’t just inculcate some technical skills but also turn mature enough to handle tough situations easily. Let’s look at a few skills you would learn after you join your first job.

Communication Skills

The technical part of the job is just 20 percent, the rest of it is how to deal with people around you. Most of your communication skills will matter once you are in a real job.

No matter how technically skilled you are you will find it hard to deal with people if you are not so good with your communication skills.

Staying one step Ahead

Your growth on the job is based on how upfront you are. Waiting for being assigned a job wouldn’t work, you need to be a step ahead and take initiative to predict what needs to be done next and think differently than the crowd to be able to shine out. 

Being ready to make a lot of Mistakes

During your first job, you are bound to make a lot of mistakes which might turn you depressed at times.

But that is part of the job, you need to be able to take ownership of your mistakes and learn from them.

You might face conflicts with the boss but it won’t matter in the long run if you focus on improving yourself rather than playing the blame game.

Getting Used to Monotonous Job Routine

Most of the jobs are not as exciting as it looks from outside. It’s rather the same daily routine with almost similar tasks to do.

Getting used to it is or making it interesting to suit your needs depends totally upon you. So rather focus on upskilling along with the job to keep yourself excited.

Working With People You hate 

People who will work with you are not chosen by you so may not like a few of them. But knowing how to handle them and putting aside your hatred is important.

You might be required to work 8 hours with the person you hate. But until work is your priority it shouldn’t matter to you. Also, you learn to deal with people more smartly.

Getting Hired is Just the First Step

Once you step your first foot on the job, your fight begins, you need to learn the names of people who work with you.

Build trust among your teammates and learn to communicate along with performing well at your job. So it won’t be just party and job trips but a hell lot of different challenges to face each day.

Working in a Team

You might be amazing doing things alone. But once you are in the job you need to work as a team, put aside your ego, and listen to what other’s views are even if you don’t agree with them. You will also learn patience while you are working as a team.

Problem Solving Skills

The problems you deal with in a real job are not like what dress do I wear today? It’s a lot tougher than you think.

It’s like a daily challenge, but once you are skilled and experienced at it you’ll learn to tackle difficult problems and improve your problem-solving skills.

Work Ethics

You can’t just submit your reports late and give a lame excuse like you did in your schools.

You have to learn to follow the work ethics and be self-disciplined enough because no one is going to spoon-feed you here. Everything is going to be challenging.

Being Adaptable

Not everyone can adapt to different situations and environments. So while at a job you’ll also learn how to adapt to different work cultures and also deal with different people around you.

Being Responsible

Being in a job puts you at a front and make tough decisions, to teach you how to be responsible enough to stay true to your words and your job. Thus you’ll be more responsive once you spend a significant amount of time doing a job.

Time Management Skills

You can’t just bunk and leave your job. You have to be regular and learn to manage your time by maintaining your work-life balance and being true to your work as well as your family.

Industrial Awareness

Being in an industry will provide you exposure to how things work in an organization and with a few years of experience, you‘ll be able to differentiate between work cultures in different industries thus acquiring significant knowledge and required exposure for your personal as well as professional growth.


You might not realize it but being in college you are mostly immature until you land a real job where you deal with people of different ages who provide you a new perspective towards life along with teaching you far better skills which you might have never learned in college. So this would add up and turn you mature even before you know.

Building Self-Confidence

It’s well known that being in a job boosts your self-worth and self-confidence adding to your personal as well as professional growth.

Being in college you might have been in your comfort zone and never been able to get out of your shell but here things don’t work according to you and that’s how you grow.

Building a Network

No matter what your age is once you are in a new job you get to know various people who’ll connect to you in different ways.

This will grow your network along with improving your communication skills. Also, you will build a personality and be known as an individual rather than a part of a group.

Business Etiquette’s

Some basic business Etiquette’s like talking properly on phone or writing a good formal email can never be learned in college but while working you’ll be able to learn these basic manners which are essential to growing as an individual.

These skills will not only add up to your resume but will make you more presentable and confident.

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