Why is Focus important for every Business and Individual

To begin with I’ll start with my own story emphasizing the significance of focus. I am a yogi and a die-hard data geek.

Why I mentioned Yogi is because I am into meditation, play hard, cheer hard with minimal resources all in my own world. I carry all the necessary positive energy and drive my way to my destination.

For me as an individual Journey is more important because you get to learn a lot in the process and get to meet a lot many intellectuals. Sometimes success is defined with accomplishments and failures with not meeting objectives.

The hard truth of life is people clap for success but no one supports amidst failures. I was born and brought up in the small town of Kashi and learned a lot from the Gurukul concept of education delivery.

I was not good at multitasking right from the beginning. And seriously speaking I never wanted to hone that art. When I learned swimming I only enjoyed it.

When I took music classes my sole focus was on learning music. It’s like forgetting everything and enjoying the present. That made me Yogi. My definition of Yogi and saint are different.

I was strong in subjects like Psychology Mechanics Sociology but ended up doing B.com. The above subjects were not a part of my curriculum but I had an interest in learning apart from my curriculum.

And Yes, Accounts and commerce were my weakest subject and this was not by chance but the choice of interest. So now that you are comfortable that I am not an IIT-ian and an Engineer by graduation and not even a master.

In some foul language, I am below average but in my own terms, I am a great individual who knows how to survive ethically with major civic sense.

It was not easy for me to grab a job and that too in MNC working in data science per se. I would highlight my weaknesses which I undertook as opportunities and improved over time. Here begins the list

  • Schooling in Hindi
  • Schooling in a non-Co-ed environment
  • Nonexposure to city or metro culture
  • Mother housewife and father postman
  • Not a class topper
  • Not a good athlete
  • Introvert
  • Easily embarrassed
  • The list goes endless, far that you can imagine

Just like I mentioned the above weaknesses my strength was not many. To mention my strengths you can accumulate using just one keyword ‘Focus’.

Whatever I did was to the best of my capacity making sure any other impediment does not stop me from moving forward. Distractions never attracted me.

And here I am on the success ladder where a lot has been conquered and a lot yet to be achieved before I call it a day.     

Focus and concentration are not that tough to master but it’s not that easy as well. Everyone was to improve focus boosting concentration but only a few attain it.

We all live in a noisy world full of distractions making it hard to give your 100%. Be it your personal goals in life or business you will always have challenges and the worst dreaded challenge would be Focus.

It’s even hard to define this term. The idea is segregating things into what’s relevant as of now Vs others that can wait. The challenge is we find it hard to segregate. If you analyze it properly the fear of meeting a deadline got this done.

You were forced to plan action upon decision due to a deadline. For the people who still did not get an idea of focus and still believe in multitasking, allow me your perception of mobile phones while driving.

While multitasking is a myth, Focus is the only way to move up the productivity ladder. Quality is inversely proportional to the amount of multitasking. For candidates looking to win over Focus follow Warren Buffett 2 List strategy for focussed attention.

Like I mentioned above measuring the result is important but focusing on the process is more important. 

I am trying to compile a list of actions for you to increase your focus and follow the decorum of the success plan.

This will help you succeed with optimal resources without much wastage of energy in the wrong direction. Here begins my list.

  • Never chose a task before completing the previous task.
  • Define your anchor task one at a time
  • Manage your time, But prior to that manage your energy
  • Leave your phone aside
  • Don’t be tempted by social media or frequent email checks
  • Avoid any notifications. Work fullscreen
  • Remove all tasks that could spoil your morning focus
  • Mastering the art of saying No
  • Determination and will power makes it to success

The focus will never ever be detrimental. Follow it consistently and success is all yours. Mind it Journey will always be more important than the mere destination. 

I will continue sharing my experience. Happy to make an impact through my shared experiences.

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