Importance of spending 5 Hours per Week Learning

Learning is the only best investment of our time that would give amazing results. So Just be addicted to learning, Knowledge is the new wealth which requires a maximum investment of time and consistency.

We spend half of our lives collecting, spending, and worrying about money. We have no time to learn anything new since we are so busy collecting wealth.

But things have changed a lot now and it’s important to realize the relationship between knowledge and wealth.

New devices and technologies along with artificial intelligence will revolutionize the healthcare system.

With goods and services demonetized, knowledge is turning into a more valuable asset.

People who are working hard throughout their whole career but didn’t invest time in learning new things may be in the category of risk.

The risk of losing their jobs to automation as it’s already happening in big manufacturing companies where machines are replaced by humans.

People at the bottom are burdened and squeezed whereas those at the top are paid highly for their knowledge.

The problem isn’t a lack of jobs but it‘s the lack of skilled people.

US employment data shows a lack of basic skill laborers growing rapidly. So knowledge is a new wealth now.

Unlike wealth, you don’t lose it when you share but might rather grow it.

It’s high time to understand the importance of knowledge no matter what job you are involved in.

Transfer of knowledge is totally free and its value increases over time.

Also, knowledge can be converted to things money can never buy like building amazing relationships.

It helps you achieve your goals faster, your brain works faster, your vocabulary improves and you become a better communicator who can deal with situations in a much smarter and efficient manner.

So how do you gain the required knowledge and grow all together, let’s understand that through these six points:

  • Know the Value of Knowledge 

The value of knowledge changes with time depending upon the need and the ability to be able to acquire knowledge at the right time.

With growing industries and technologies more highly skilled people are required leading to higher compensation and quicker training.

  • Learn to Master the Knowledge quickly

Opportunities are temporary. To attain maximum knowledge in minimum time it’s important to grab opportunities to learn new skills.

With the internet around us, it becomes much easier to look out for opportunities that will help enhance and grow our skills in a minimum time frame. 

  • Communicate your Knowledge

People with similar skills may have varied salaries based on how they are able to communicate their knowledge. Learn the art of communicating the value of your knowledge to beautify what you have actually learned.

Most people just spend their time mastering their technical skills with zero skill to be able to communicate the knowledge. 

  • Turn Knowledge into Wealth

There are multiple ways to convert your knowledge into wealth. You can get a job, be paid to spread your knowledge, teach someone what you know, become a consultant, or a leader showcasing your knowledge and leadership skills.

  • Learn how to Financially invest in Learning

Each one of us needs to find the best course, books, Degrees to achieve goals in the minimum budget.

Thus we need to learn the basics of financial planning for better investment in our future and to be able to gain maximum skills in the minimum amount of time and money

  • Learning how to Learn 

The skill of learning to learn adds a significant amount to our valuable time by minimizing the required time to learn a skill in a month which can actually be learned in a few weeks if we mastered the skill of how to learn.

A 30% difference is observed in the amount of time saved if we are able to master this underrated skill.

If you think that just learning till the age of 25 to 30 years is enough you might be in a dangerous state. Learning is a constant process just like eating or exercising daily.

You need a daily dose of knowledge to stay ahead and survive in this competitive era.

Just like not taking care of your health can lead to diseases, not learning every day can lead you to be under confident and lazy and act as a barrier to your path towards your ultimate goal.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”

— Mahatma Gandhi

My friend Amit who owns a company decided to learn every day for three hours to stay focused until his son was born and it disturbed his ritual.

So he made some changes in his to-do list and again started learning three hours a day along with managing his company.

So there is no excuse to learn to find time from your daily schedule and make it a ritual to learn every day.

You can do it while traveling, sitting idle, or during lunch breaks. Even 20 minutes a day will add 200 hours to a year.

Learning should never be considered a luxury when it actually is a necessity.

Even the most successful and busiest people read at least an hour a day. What stops you from learning then?

Follow these three steps to create a learning ritual:

  • Find time for learning even if you are totally busy and booked. You know you can do it.
  • Once you find your time of learning make sure to stay consistent and avoid any kind of distractions.
  • After you learn, try to apply those skills wherever you can so you may be rewarded for your time and consistency.

In the process of learning don’t forget to have little breaks to calm your soul. But make sure not to give up. 

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