Data Science CV Must-Haves

Being а hiring suрervisоr I’ve gоne thrоugh mаny CV’S. Reсruiters соmmоnly sсreen thrоugh а CV in 7.4 seсоnds. In this роst I’m gоing tо strоll yоu viа the hints I use tо sсreen а resume. These triсks might nоt seem hоnest fоr sоme given thаt I саn’t guаrаntee thаt оthers …

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30 ways to Kickstart your Data Science Journey

Some of the most common challenges faced by data science enthusiasts while starting their Data Science Journey are: A lack of experience Not knowing where to start Unable to create networks Unable to connect to the right people Thus, to solve these problems I listed 30 steps to kickstart your …

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Challenges faced by Individuals in Corporate to Grow up the Career Ladder

About Myself, I have been working in the corporate world for the last 21 years. I hold a well deserved senior vice president designation as of now. But that’s not where I began. I started my career as an associate trainee and it got me dedication, willpower, networking, marketing, logic, …

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